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  • A Vehicle Dashboard Light On?

    So many lights!? The newer your vehicle the more dashboard warning lights you see when you start up your ride. What do you do if a vehicle dashboard light stays on once your vehicle is running? Do not ignore them! Your vehicle has detected a problem. It could be something simple like a door ajar, […]

  • Can COVID-19 affect your vehicle?

    Can Coronavirus affect your vehicle? If you’re like the rest of us, there very likely is a car in your garage or driveway that hasn’t moved much for a month or two now, if at all. When it has been used it most likely was a short run to pick up supplies. Just like you, […]

  • Vehicle Tips Blog

    Click the link below for our auto service info and tips library. Articles and videos describing numerous vehicle maintenance and function issues. A huge archive of information to help familiarize you with vehicle maintenance basic terms and procedures.

  • Why so many different oils?

    All about Motor Oil There are many choices when it comes to picking the appropriate oil for your car’s engine. This article breaks down the basics. By Paul Weissler And Popular Mechanics Editors Feb 14, 2019 Given all the motor oil options out there, choosing the right oil for your car might seem like an impossibly daunting task. While there […]

  • Don’t wait until it breaks!

    You may get used to the annoyance of a shake or shimmy now and then, a squeal or squeak here or there, a pull to the left or right, sluggish performance, or any number of other signs or sounds your vehicle signals indicating the need for maintenance, often just simple basic servicing. Vehicle problems get […]

  • Auto Service Tips

    The pros and the non-profit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) advise that the beginning of every season is the time to give your vehicle a checkup.First things first. Read your owner’s manual and follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedules. There are usually two schedules listed: normal and severe. Most vehicles fall under the severe […]

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