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While vehicle maintenance is often overlooked as part of the cost of vehicle ownership, it is the best way to avoid much more costly breakdowns. Therefore, don’t wait until something breaks. Your vehicle’s maintenance needs change according to vehicle age and mileage. To keep your family’s transportation safe, comfortable and reliable follow the manufacture’s auto service schedule. Contact Pat & Tom’s JC Motors for superior automotive care. Servicing all makes and models, domestics and imports.


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Thank you just doesn’t express my appreciation for Tom and his team. Took my vehicle in for an unusual front-end noise. Being that it’s 4th of July Eve, I was expecting to get my Jeep Liberty back no earlier than the 5th. 4 hours later, I get a phone call to go and pick it up. Totally blown away. 

Being that I work overseas, my wife takes our vehicle to JC Motors because both she and I have confidence and trust in what they provide and do. And from a personal point of view, taking care of my vehicle, is the same as taking care of my family. Mega kudos, Tom!!!”

By Damien

“I had a flat tire the morning I took my car in for servicing. They removed the screw from the tire and repaired the tire at no charge. How is that for service? I depend on JC Motors and have never been let down! Thank you!”

By REBECCA K. in Tualatin, OR

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How To Keep Your Vehicle Performing
Like New

vehicle service check in.

Maintain your vehicle. Take care of it like you do your home, your health, your clothes and other valuable possessions. A simple oil change and inspection every few thousand miles at J.C. Motors will keep you informed about your vehicles condition and /or maintenance needs. The more you know about how your vehicle works AND what and when basic maintenance is required the more likely your vehicle will remain relatively trouble free for many, many years after your last car payment.  We encourage you to browse the services page and click the video & more information links that describe the system and/or parts involved and their care. Call if you have any auto repair or service questions. 503-692-2817.

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