Virus Policy

Health and safety notice.

At J.C. Motors, we are in the business of maintaining and repairing vehicles, however, our guests are our main priority. We are taking the following proactive measures to ensure we keep you and our Community safe.  

Increasing the frequency of cleaning and sanitizing our shops, especially most-touched surfaces like door handles, credit card readers, waiting areas, and restrooms.    

Cropped shot of Spray to clean and disinfect the steering wheel and inside the car.

Reinforcing our existing health protocols with shop teams, such as frequent and proper handwashing, auto technician glove use, the use of seat covers, steering wheel covers, floor mats, and wiping down door handles, gear shift handles, keys, etc. with sanitizer before the vehicle enters the shop and before it is returned to you, our valued guest. We will also ensure that employees who are ill stay home and seek medical attention if necessary.    

If you are especially vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus or following preventive measures to avoid the spreading of Corona virus or influenza, we recommend the following when it comes to the maintenance or repair of your vehicles.

Use our touchless customer service process

  • Call us to schedule an appointment (503-692-2817). This allows proper consultation regarding your vehicle’s service needs.
  • You can drop the vehicle off in our parking lot anytime during or after hours. If during open hours, you can safely enter our sanitized entrance and lobby to communicate further and drop off your keys or just give us a call and let us know your vehicle (unlocked and with keys) is in our lot. If after hours use our night drop slot in the big shop door. Envelopes are in the black box next to the shop door. Fill out the necessary information on the envelope, insert your keys, and put in the night drop slot. Our shop hours are M-F 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.
  • We will inspect your vehicle and contact you via phone, text, or email with an accurate estimate. You decide if or how you want us to proceed. We will again contact you when the service or repair is complete.
  • You can pay over the phone for service via debit/credit card. We will secure your vehicle in our lot and you can pick it up anytime during or after hours. If after hours bring a spare set of vehicle entry keys.
  • NEW: We have a few openings every day for pickup and delivery service. You must call to schedule the most convenient day and time available. Available to everyone but, priority is given to our senior customers. Call for more information at 503-692-2817.

We suggest servicing your vehicle’s cabin air filter and adding BG Frigi Fresh to sanitize and freshen the vehicle climate control system. Also, read our post about how your vehicle is impacted by your family’s restricted government-mandated lifestyle during the last year or so.

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