Don’t wait until it breaks!

You may get used to the annoyance of a shake or shimmy now and then, a squeal or squeak here or there, a pull to the left or right, sluggish performance, or any number of other signs or sounds your vehicle signals indicating the need for maintenance, often just simple basic servicing. Vehicle problems get worse over time and one problem often leads to another. Eventually, things break.

An inspection and test drive by a professional mechanic will quickly sort out annoying performance issues. Most vehicle problems are too often blamed as signs of the inevitable vehicle aging process when, more often than not, are the result of a lack of basic maintenance. Today’s vehicles are engineering marvels: smarter, better handling, and more efficient, but they aren’t maintenance-free.

Basic maintenance and regular vehicle inspections are essential to minimize repair expenses and maximize the serviceable life of your vehicle’s operating systems. Modern vehicles are very complex and have parts that function within micrometer tolerances. Every vehicle comes from the manufacturer with basic maintenance information and a situation/time/mileage schedule for inspection, adjustment, and/or replacement checks on all major operating system components. Depending on your driving style and conditions these components may have a shorter or longer than predicted life expectancy. Failure to inspect, service, or replace parts that have limited and manufacturer tested serviceable life expectations is what leads to the most disruptive and costly breakdowns.

Don’t ignore the maintenance signals your vehicles emit. Don’t put up with it. Ignoring pre-existing vehicle problems is not how you want to begin late fall and winter. Most people are really surprised by how well their vehicles perform once they remedy abnormal performance issues. “It runs and handles like brand new” is a common sentiment.

Our website contains a lot of text and video information about your vehicle’s operating systems, components, and service requirements. Click here for our website’s Services page where we’ve listed some of our more common services along with video explanations and many have links to more detailed information or Blog articles.

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