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Pat & Tom’s J.C. Motors Auto Maintenance and Repair perform all vehicle maintenance services recommended by the manufacturer for domestic and import vehicles both in and out of warranty.

At J.C. Motors we encourage our customers to focus on routine maintenance as dictated by a combination of the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and our professional experience. Based on your driving conditions we’ll work together to map out a practical maintenance schedule, that protects the vehicle’s warranty and maximizes the vehicle’s safety, performance, and value.

Minimize Vehicle Operating Expenses

Regular basic auto service doesn’t have to be an expense burden and will save the owner thousands of dollars while the vehicle is in their service by maximizing the longevity of vehicle components. Regular maintenance will also add to the vehicle’s value. A professionally maintained vehicle can remain safe and reliable for many, many years after the last car payment. Imagine five or ten years of no vehicle payments and the convenience of sound family transportation.

The purpose of regular routine auto service is to minimize expensive and inconvenient repairs and maintain maximum vehicle performance, economy, safety, reliability, and value while minimizing operating expenses. The vehicles produced over the last few decades are truly engineering marvels, but they still require maintenance and repairs can be very expensive. A factory maintenance schedule was designed to maximize the reliable function of the vehicle and call attention to known component mileage and/or timeline servicing or replacement intervals. As a simple example, a vehicle’s automotive systems still rely on proper fluid levels and condition to lubricate all the moving parts. Most vehicle parts wear predictably and regular professional maintenance at Pat & Tom’s J.C. Motors will keep you informed about your family’s transportation status.

Advantages of Using a Professional Mechanic

There are many reasons to have your vehicles maintained by a certified mechanic at a professionally operated auto maintenance and repair facility, not the least of which is their experience and access to up-to-date diagnostic and repair tools and procedures. We also have access to complete manufacturer technical service bulletins for your make and model production run. Keep in mind that technical service bulletins (TSBs) are issued by the manufacturer after the product has been produced and issues discovered that are not covered in the owners and common repair manuals.

J.C. Motors offers state-of-the-art equipment and some of the best-certified mechanics in the business. We combine our staff’s experience, superior equipment, and the industry’s best diagnostic and service procedural resources to provide our customers with exceptional automotive maintenance and repair services. Our regular customers benefit from our knowledge of their personal preferences and their vehicle’s computerized service history, saving both time and money while maximizing vehicle performance, safety, reliability, and value.

Whether it’s a run to the store or a vacation

J.C. Motors can keep your vehicle in dependable running condition and the need for auto repair work will be minimized. Many people are surprised to discover the benefits of frequent oil changes and professional vehicle inspections, especially when done at the same shop. At J.C. Motors all oil changes include tire wear inspection, rotation, and pressure adjustment. Plus a mechanics inspection of the vehicle’s major operating systems (brakes, exhaust, lights, wipers, belts, and hoses, etc.) and check all fluid levels and condition and top off if necessary.

If your vehicle is running poorly or broke down, it is more likely than not due to a lack of regular maintenance and will result in service beyond the basics outlined in the manufacturer’s routine maintenance schedule. This simply means you will wind up spending a lot of money all at once as compared to spreading it out over an extended period of time (years) as designed for in a regular routine maintenance schedule.

Our website contains a lot of text and video information about your vehicle’s operating systems, components, and service requirements.
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